Graffiti Removal from Protected Surfaces


Graffiti removal from a temporarily treated surface involves removing the graffiti and the underlying sacrificial coating (e.g. wax) with a hot water high pressure cleaner. The sacrificial coating must be reapplied on the affected areas to achieve again full protection.This method of removing the paint smears is very environmentally friendly as it doesn't require chemical graffiti removers.


A semi-permanent anti graffiti coating is a two-component coating consisting of a penetrating sealer (permanent protection) and a removable layer (sacrificial layer) which is „sacrificed“ during the graffiti clean-up and needs to be renewed. This method of removing the paint smears usually doesn't call for chemical graffiti removers either.


A permanent anti graffiti coating allows up to 100 clean-ups before the coating needs to be renewed. Once a surface treated with a permanent coating has been vandalized again, the graffiti can simply be removed with a biodegradable detergent, a sponge and rag. The protective coating remains undamaged and doesn't need to be renewed.