Categories of Coating Systems

There are two types of anti graffiti protective coatings, film forming and non-film forming.

Film Forming

Most of the permanent coatings are film forming coatings. PERMA-Guard is one of the few partially breathable permanent anti graffiti coating.

Non Film Forming

Sacrificial and semi-permanent coatings are non-film forming coatings. SEMI-Guard and TEMPO-Guard are breathable anti graffiti coatings that fall into that category.

Types of Anti Graffiti Coating


If a surface protected with a sacrificial coating is vandalized, the removal of the graffiti paint is easy and inexpensive.

  • the sacrificial coating will come off when graffiti is removed using hot water high pressure. Another coat is then applied.
  • microcrystalline wax basis
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The surfaces to be protected are treated first with a penetrating sealer (permanent protection) and then with a sacrificial coating.

  • combination of permanent sealer and sacrificial coating.
  • prevents the graffiti paint to sink deep into the surface
  • easy cleaning and long durability.
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A permanent coating is designed to allow graffiti to be removed countless times. The protection coating remains unaffected and doesn't need to be renewed.

  • two-component polyurethane finish (ultra mat to glossy)
  • removal of graffiti up to 100 times without renewing the coating
  • very easy graffiti removal
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